Module 1
AI Governance: Creating Trust, Compliance, and Data Privacy

Module 1
The Future of AI in Business

Module 1
Glossary of Common AI Terms


At this stage in the development of the AI Business Strategy, you’ve worked with the leadership team to know WHERE they’re going (BHAG) and WHO will be along to support them to that destination.

So now let’s discuss AI-powered processes, or where strategy aligns with reality.

As we’ve already discussed, AI offers endless possibilities for optimizing a company, yet its implementation can be complex. Without a straightforward process, the effort will become chaotic, inefficient, and fraught with confusion, false starts, or all-out paralysis of the project.

In this module, we will learn how to craft an air-tight AI process.

We will cover the steps required to work with the AI Change Coalition we introduced you to in the last module during the discussion on change management. You’ll learn exactly who you’ll need access to and support from to execute an effective process mining effort.

Appointing an AI Process leader to drive coordination will be a top priority in this process. Driving this part of the business is usually a perfect fit for the COO or whoever is in charge of optimizing the business operations.

Next, we’ll talk about how to analyze needs and objectives, starting with the highest priority workflows and processes, then moving on to workflows where the easiest wins from the AI deployment can be put in place.

This effort is followed by mapping the nuts and bolts of your processes and workflows end-to-end, which can be done easily using our Process Mapping methodology and a little help from AI.

You’ll also discover:

  • How to monitor KPIs aligned to business goals
  • How to document these AI-Powered Processes so new team members can pick up on workflows with little onboarding or training required
  • Everything you will need to architect a successful process improvement campaign throughout the company that leverages the latest in AI use

Without clear processes, optimized workflows, and engaged users, the impact of AI will be throttled significantly. By the end of this Module, you’ll be able to drive the creation and adoption of AI-powered processes into any business, providing them with the tools they need to remain economically viable for the next epoch of business.