Module 1
AI Governance: Creating Trust, Compliance, and Data Privacy

Module 1
The Future of AI in Business

Module 1
Glossary of Common AI Terms

Prompt Engineering Myths

Let’s debunk some common misconceptions about prompt engineering.


Myth 1: ChatGPT is like Google Search

There are two main reasons people might think ChatGPT is like Google Search:
They both use a text input interface, and both offer access to collective digitized knowledge. However, Google is more like querying an archive, while ChatGPT synthesizes and personalizes information.

Key differences between ChatGPT and Google 

More is More with AI: Unlike Google, where you use minimal words, with ChatGPT, more context gives better results.

Dictation over Typing: ChatGPT voice dictation provides more context and is faster than typing.

Personalization and Discursive Interactions: AI allows for a more back-and-forth interaction.

Reasoning Capabilities: Unlike a simple Google search, AI can reason and provide explanations.


Myth 2: Magical Incantations in Prompt Engineering

There seems to be a belief in the existence of a perfect, “magical” prompt that can produce the best results. The truth is there’s no one-size-fits-all prompt. 

The best prompts are context-specific. While there are helpful techniques, hands-on experience is more valuable. Many techniques become commoditized quickly as technology evolves, so focus on the real-world problem, not finding the “perfect” prompt. Formatting isn’t as important as providing rich context.


Myth 3: AI Will Take or Do Your Job

AI is not likely to either take over your job or do your job for you anytime soon. While AI can handle tasks, it pushes humans to think and work at higher levels. 

Mastery of AI might lead you to areas not covered by the model’s training data, requiring “naked thinking” without AI’s assistance.

Understanding these myths and the realities behind them will help guide a more informed and effective approach to prompt engineering and AI usage. Remember to always prioritize real-world context and problems over seeking magic solutions.