Module 1
AI Governance: Creating Trust, Compliance, and Data Privacy

Module 1
The Future of AI in Business

Module 1
Glossary of Common AI Terms

Defining Prompt Engineering

Prompt Engineering:
  • The art (and “approximate” science) of communicating with a computer connected to a large language model (LLM) with a specific goal in mind.
  • A blend of artistic intuition and technical understanding to achieve desired outputs.

The Art and Science Dichotomy: Not every technique will remain relevant as AI capabilities increase; it’s essential to be adaptive.


Understanding the Components

Prompt: The command or query posed to the AI.

Engineering: The process of refining and optimizing the prompt.

The Problem: The objective or goal you’re aiming to achieve with the AI’s help.

Prompting vs. Engineering: Prompting engages with AI to generate outputs of sufficient quality quickly and cost-effectively. Engineering refines the prompts to be more reliable and generalizable for similar tasks in the future.


From Point A to Point B

The primary aim is to move from your current state (Point A) to a desired outcome (Point B). AI aids in accomplishing this faster, potentially cheaper, and sometimes with higher quality.

In summary, achieving your goals with AI involves a discourse using natural language and refining the process iteratively. The essence of prompt engineering will remain constant even as technology advances.