Module 1
AI Governance: Creating Trust, Compliance, and Data Privacy

Module 1
The Future of AI in Business

Module 1
Glossary of Common AI Terms

Prompt Engineering Toolkit

Your prompt engineering toolkit will need to be constantly evolving to adapt to technological advancements. The objective of this module is to teach lasting principles despite technological evolution.

Foundation Models

Foundation models, like GPT-4, are the core piece of technology behind AI responses. They are capital-intensive and built on weights in a matrix to process input and produce output. GPT-4, GPT 3.5, Gemini, Claude, and Lama are some examples of foundation models. These models often manifest in consumer products or enterprise software.


Prompt Repository/Library

As a best practice, store engineered prompts for repeated tasks in templates for easy access. Platforms like the OpenAI Playground and Chat GPT offer features to save and share prompts, and the software also provides a prompt library.


Dictation Tools

Whisper by OpenAI is a state-of-the-art speech-to-text helpful tool for natural language input. Mac users use Super Whisper. ChatGPT offers dictation using Whisper with upcoming audio-to-audio features.


Transcription and Note-taking

Transcription and note-taking software can be useful for capturing conversations and directly inputting them into AI for further processing. This is another tool that can be found in the software.


Audio and Video Editing

Tools like Descript allow for audio and video editing with automatic transcription, thus streamlining the communication and documentation process.


Digital Memory

Rewind AI records all computer activities, offering a digital memory that can be queried in natural language. Privacy and security should be considered with all models, but especially in these types of tools.

Foundation models are the core of AI capabilities, but to utilize them effectively, one needs complementary tools. From storing prompts to dictating and transcribing conversations, these tools enhance the AI experience, making it more streamlined and efficient.