Module 1
AI Governance: Creating Trust, Compliance, and Data Privacy

Module 1
The Future of AI in Business

Module 1
Glossary of Common AI Terms

Introduction to Prompt Engineering

Welcome! In this module, you will be equipped with foundational knowledge of prompt engineering that is not only useful immediately but also remains relevant over the years.


Why Prompt Engineering Matters

Productivity Boost: Mastering AI and prompt engineering can significantly enhance team productivity.

Quality Enhancement: With skilled prompt engineering, the quality of work can be elevated.

Reduced Process Cycle Times: Potentially reduce process times by up to an order of magnitude.

Cost Efficiency: Achieve the aforementioned benefits at a fraction of the pre-AI cost.

Task Delegation: Delegate mundane, energy-draining tasks to AI, freeing up time for more meaningful, impactful tasks.

In this module you will:

  • Learn the basics of what prompt engineering is. 
  • Experience concrete examples of prompt engineering in action, with teardowns to understand the underlying concepts.
  • Preview a glimpse into more advanced techniques, including establishing a thought partnership with AI and integrating coding.

Mastering prompt engineering opens up a world of possibilities, from immediate improvements in workflow to long-term strategies that can transform how you work with AI. Dive deep, ask questions, and embark on this transformative journey.